Our diligent and competent team is committed to deliver the excellence in all our services. From fresh graduate to the most experienced staff member at Excom are well qualified, professional, collaborative and client-focused who treats every engagement as a new opportunity to deliver the best.

EXCOM provides cost planning and estimating services from the inception right through to the final detailed designs of projects for clients to take informed decisions in order to achieve their goals. Our extensive database of historical costs and the knowledge in the current market rates and the impacts can easily assist clients to go for different options for their requirements within their budget.

Preliminary estimating, cost planning in different design stages, cost checks, tender reconciliation (comparison the tenders with final cost plan) and using cost plan as a post contract cost controlling tool are the main stages where we can provide our services to the clients. Our expertise will ensure that our clients will see their projects is kept within their set budget.

Selection of the right procurement strategy is vital in delivering successful projects. In EXCOM we have highly experienced and knowledgeable staff in this area and we provide following services for our clients based on their requirements;

Advice on the most appropriate procurement route for the project

Establishment of contractual relationships

Advice on contractor selection

Selection of the right form of contract

Preparation of tender and contract documentation in line with the selected every part in tender documentation goes through a thorough quality check by experts

Tender Documentation, managing tender process, tender evaluation and selection of contractor

 EXCOM provide accurate and detailed tender documents for clients which provide reliable basis for them to obtain offers from contractors for proposed projects. We use latest software to measure quantities in order to prepare accurate bill of quantities and our staff in the pre-contract division are well experienced in any type of construction projects in the region. We always believe that producing accurate tender documentation will lead to reduce disputes and disagreements between parties in the construction phase and therefore every part in tender documentation will go through a thorough expert quality checks. We are also involved in the selection of contractors for tendering by giving our recommendations on shortlisting the contractors for the proposed project.

Once the tenders are floated we prepare the responses for any tender queries in collaboration with other consultants and the client.

When the contractors’ bids are received we evaluate them and compare contractors’ bids with our own priced bill of quantities in order to identify where the contractors have deviated from the market rates, and prepare comprehensive tender report with our recommendation. Our recommendation will highlight any concerns and identify the best value and the most suitable tender.  To conclude the tender process we can assist the clients to conduct negotiations with the contractors to select the most suitable contractor for the project.

After selection of a contractor and the client has made a decision of an award of the contract, EXCOM would then prepare necessary contract documentation. Collation of necessary documentation from the tender and the contractor’s offer and incorporation of any agreed post tender alterations will be handled by our experts in the contracts department. Knowledge and experience of our industry leading professionals, with high standard technical, business, and legal matters, will assist the clients to arrange the contract to well suit with their proposed project and in line with the selected procurement route. We will take care the whole process of arranging an ideal contract document to be signed by our client and the successful contractor.

Site / project based quantity surveyors for post contract stage

At EXCOM, we have well qualified professionals who are experienced in managing project cost and administering contracts at post contract stage  in various type of projects in the Middle East region and in other countries. Our quantity surveyors have worked with and approved by leading clients in the region. We can provide quantity surveyors at different levels ranging from commercial managers / senior quantity surveyor to junior / assistant quantity surveyors. These staff are well capable of handling;

Cash flow forecasting and cost reporting

Administration of interim and final payments

Change management (variations)

Commercial management and cost controlling

Administration and interpretation of contracts…etc.

We provide our professional cost consultancy services for the contractors and subcontractors as well. Contractors who does not have adequate in-house commercial management team or who needs expert assistance in commercial management can rely on us for their success in construction projects. Following are the main services we provide for the contractors;

Support for tendering with cost advice


Valuation of construction works

Preparation of interim and final payment applications

Valuation of variations (change management)

Procurement of subcontractors

Commercial / cost reporting

For clients / Consultants

 We provide advisory services for the clients in order to avoid the causes of claims wherever possible and how to deal with justifiable claims including analysis, defence and negotiations. Also, our expertise will help the clients and consultants to challenge the unjustified claims submitted by contractors, and to make counter claims.

Determine the source of claim (Identification)

Legal compliance check – determine whether the claim has any basis under the contract or in law

Evaluate merit – determine potential of success

Evaluate magnitude – consider worst case and best case

Strategy development for defence, counter claim or settlement

For contractors

EXCOM provide claims management services for contractors and ensure that the contractors secure their rights for legitimate claims by providing the following services in line with contract provisions under the relevant jurisdiction.

Identification of claims

Preparation of timely notices

Arranging interim / detailed particulars

Collation of substantiation

Preparation of claim submissions

Participate in amicable settlements and negotiations

Claims advisory services

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